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Our Story

For decades, financial advisors have developed a reputation for aggressive sales tactics, incentive-based commissions, and apathy for objective success. After years of fighting the system from within, we decided our clients deserved better. Some things just had to change.

When you partner with us, you feel calm knowing you are ready for anything in life because we have prepared for you. We want to release you from anxiety and empower you to live how you want. We’re not afraid to challenge the norms, learn, and authentically tell you how it is. We changed the approach, rebuilt incentives, and developed a framework that puts you first.

We are offering a new take on financial excellence!

What can you expect

What You Can Expect From Us


At LBW, you’re a part of the team and in on the process. We don't judge or tell you what you should/shouldn't do. Your feelings are just as important as the dollar amount. Together, we’ll develop a plan made for you.


This isn’t a one-man show. Here, you are backed by an entire team. Each LBW member offers expert insights that pinpoint progress regarding your individual goals. We contribute specific skill sets and apply our multilevel disciplines to give you the benefits of a synergistic environment.



No two clients have the same financial or life circumstances. What matters to us is what you want, not what Mr. & Mrs. Jones want. Starting from our initial strategy, we continuously review and tweak our plans to best grow alongside you.


We utilize a subscription model to better serve you. Personal Financial Consulting and Business Financial Consulting services will be billed as monthly or quarterly subscriptions. The exact fee is determined by the unique goals of each client.


The Result

We are just like you: creative, growing, and ready to build something. Whether you’re coming to LBW as an individual or a business, your customized plan is designed to have a higher success in growing your assets with detailed organization, nimble action, and willingness to go places other firms may not go. While this partnership is about us growing together, the core of our work is centered on developing your ideal relationship with your finances!

Send us a note for an opportunity to connect for free with our team.

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6410 Enterprise Ln., Ste. 120
Madison, WI 53719
(608) 286-1321


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