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Expect Different, Experience Partnership.

“Financial planning is a house of cards. Every step builds to the next. Therefore well-designed steps are important, as is the ability to remain agile and make changes if need be.” - Tim Bickmore.

Our client’s goals are simple, it’s how we get there that can be complicated. At the core, individuals want to maintain independence, preserve their wealth, and find an advocate whose interests are aligned with theirs. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum.


In fact, our most successful clients engage in a combination of programs built to reach their individual goals. Our four-step process begins by asking “What do you want from your assets?” We then assess the state of your personal finances, find your deficiencies and efficiencies, and develop a customized plan to make your money work harder by optimizing your dollar.


The key is developing a strong foundation on which your investments can grow for years to come. With knowledge and expertise at its core, the future of your finances isn’t just up to change, it’s backed by a tailored system that knows you and your goals inside and out.


That’s financial planning.

Learn more about our services below and get started on your plan with LBW.

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