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Who Are We?

Our clients aren’t just numbers on a list; we take a true interest in your life. Your customized plan requires our understanding of your hopes, dreams, fears, and lifestyle to best support your financial future. With this as our secret weapon, we provide true advice to support the health of your financial life.

We are an independent company with no affiliation with “big box” partners. This removes the pressure of hitting imaginary targets and, instead, allows us to serve our clients the way we feel they should be served.

We fancy ourselves financial counselors and educators by providing clear paths to successful decision-making processes.


LBW vs Broker-dealers

Broker-dealers such as Fidelity, Northwestern Mutual, and Edward Jones, adopt the Suitability Standard, meaning they only need to do what’s suitable for their clients and, thus, potentially push higher-cost products. These products are not just costly but, in fact, less effective in achieving your goals.

LBW’s Fiduciary Duty: LBW is a Registered Investment Adviser (“RIA”) with a fiduciary duty to act in our clients’ best interests. If we act inappropriately, we are held legally liable for all actions taken and advice provided.

Our Model

Our plans are not linear.  They evolve and revolve.

Each of our team members specializes in moving the wheel forward and reporting back with detailed updates on your success. With entrepreneurship in our blood, our company works diligently for you.

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